Vishal Public Sen. Sec. School
C.B.S.E., New Delhi
Marar Road
Sarainaga, Punjab.

Principal Desk

We are here to serve you with dedication. We do understand our role and responsibility that we have to shoulder in the class-rooms. Perhaps, you will agree that no scheme of improvement can succeed without your active and devoted involvement
I would, there fore, appeal to you to have faith in yourself, in your strength, in your ability and an urge to "turn out well." Follow a reasonable middle path and avoid excesses. Lead yourself to knowledge, learn seriously and thoroughly. I may tell you, our main concern is to foster in you the desire to learn. Please remember that education is an impossible goal, if you feel no inclination in self-education, self-discipline, self control and self improvement. To mould your character is impossible for us if you experience no urge to shape and direct your character. Never allow yourself to feel that you are inferior to others or incapable or backward. You must train yourself for the role of a worthwhile person. However, what problem you turn to, you should embark upon it with faith in you ultimate victory. You must believe in yourself, believe that diligent work will enable you to come to grips with your reach. And if you are not eager to learn, all efforts on the teacher's part are in-vain. All our schemes, quests and projects are worth nothing if you feel no desire to learn. We shall, however, eradicate with methodical consistency all the hundred-and-one things which can humiliate even a single child, or rob him of his self confidence.
This calendar has been planned with a view to helping you in forming good habits of planned and regular work. You are, therefore, advised to note down in every period, the hove work assigned to you by your subject teachers. Fix your hours of study at hove. Do your home assignments carefully,revise the day's lessons and prepare for the next days'lesson. This habit will ultimately pay you in the long run.
Mrs. Shakuntala Rani M.A. B.Ed
Principal Vishal Public Senior Secondary School